Allegan, Michigan / July 14, 2012
Join us at this former Elks Lodge, turned Haunted Hot Spot!
Night at the Allegan Lodge
July 14, 2012 -- 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
Located on M 89
Allegan, Michigan

Join American Hauntings and American Ghost Society Rep Loren Hamilton for a night of history and hauntings at Allegan Lodge, a former Elks Lodge in the historic city of Allegan, Michigan. First constructed in 1909 as a hospital, it has a shadowy history of death, illness, bootlegging and mystery. You'll spend the evening soaking up the rich history and spooky ambience of the Lodge and then search for the spirits that are rumored to be lingering with the building's brick walls. Is the Allegan Lodge as haunted as so many claim? You'll have the chance to find out on July 14 as American Hauntings takes you on a private excursion into the Lodge's past in search of ghosts!
$60 Per Person

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Night at the Allegan Lodge Includes:

* Private Access to the Lodge from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
* Historic and Haunting Presentation
* Historic Tour of the Lodge
* A Ghost Hunt with American Hauntings

This will be one of our fastest-selling events -- don't procrastinate and miss out on your chance to experience this ghostly spot with a private group from American Hauntings!
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A Brief History of Allegan Lodge:

Although Allegan Lodge is often described today as one of the most haunted places in the Midwest, its history began in 1909 when it was constructed as a hospital for Dr. John Robinson. Little is known about this era of the building's history, but it is believed that a number of people died at the structure during the time that it was in operation -- which might explain the presence of some of the lingering spirits, but no one knows for sure.

During the 1920s, rumors also ran rampant that the hospital had ties to organized crime in Chicago and Detroit, making it a convenient spot for the removal of bullets, treating of wounds and a hiding place where injured gangsters could convalesce in secret. Neighbors later spoke of black sedans arriving at the hospital during the night, liquor trucks dropping off shipments of illegal booze and screams that were sometimes heard in the darkness.
The hospital remained in operation for 60 years and then it was purchased by the Elks Lodge. The organization used it until recently, when it was purchased in 2010 with the idea of turning it into a conference center. The renovations to the building have stirred up many of the spirits of the building's past. Sightings, noises and strange apparitions had previously been reported by Elks members, but once the remodeling began, activity greatly increased.

Other activity has included cabinets opening in the kitchen; sound of children laughing; shadowy figures in the basement where the morgue was located; indiscernible conversations; knocking at the front door and ringing of the doorbell when no one was present; footsteps - sound of hospital activity long after being used as one; full bodied apparitions of children; and much more! But why take the word of other ghost hunters when you can find out what's happening here for yourself??

Join us as we spend the night at Allegan Lodge and search for the spirits that are said to be roaming this building. Whether you come with a love of history or a desire to experience the ghosts, you won't go away disappointed!