MAY 19, 2012 -- Join us for our First Spooky Event at this Legendary Spot!
Haunted Weekend at the Elms
401 Regent Street - Excelsior Springs, Missouri
Saturday, May 19, 2012
Overnight Hotel Stay, Tours & Ghost Hunting Included!

Join American Hauntings for a special overnight event at one of the spookiest towns and hotels in Missouri -- the legendary Elms of Excelsior Springs! For the first time, American Hauntings travels to Excelsior Springs for an amazing historic and haunted weekend! Enjoy a one-night stay at the famously haunted Elms resort; Meet Excelsior Springs: Haunted Haven  author Janet Reed for a historic afternoon at the Elms; get cold chills during a nighttime guided tour of the haunts of Excelsior Springs with Beth Cooper, author and owner of Ghost Tours of Missouri; Hunt the hallways of the Elms in search of the hotel's phantoms; and much more!

$400 Couples Price ($200 Per Person)
 $375 Single Price

($100 Deposit Due Now / Remainder Due Before Trip)
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               A Vintage Photo of Excelsior Springs
Haunted Weekend at the Elms Includes:

* One-Night Stay at the famous Elms Resort
* After Dark Ghost Tour by Bus of Excelsior Springs with Beth Cooper
* Ghost Hunting at the Elms
* History Presentation & Book Signing with Author Janet Reed
* Transportation to Excelsior Springs not Included
One of our Spookiest and Best Haunted Weekends Yet -- Don't miss out on this event by waiting too long to register! We have a limited number of rooms available at the Elms and you don't want to be left out in the cold by not getting signed up early!

Join American Hauntings for a weekend you won't regret!

In the late 1800s, the discovery of healing mineral waters in Excelsior Springs changed the small town from a farming community to a luxury resort town that became known as 
"America's Haven of Health". The Elms was one of the many hotels that sprang up to provide lodging for those who came to take in the waters. To this day, it continues to play host to guests who checked in, but have never checked out.

The first Elms was built in 1888
amidst the rolling lands and lush trees on the edge of town. The three-story hotel hosted scores of visitors every season, offering large, shaded verandas on all four sides, a live orchestra, large heated swimming pool, bowling alley, billiards room and a target range for skeet shooting.
Unfortunately, in 1898, the beautiful hotel was destroyed by fire. Although no one was injured, the structure was a total loss. Plans were made to rebuild the place but due to various delays, construction did not begin on the new Elms until 1908. In July 1909, the new Elms had its second grand opening and the popularity of the place continued to spread – but only for two short years. On October 29, 1910, the hotel burned down again. Following a large party in the Grand Ballroom, a boiler ignited and spread a fire throughout the interior and set the roof ablaze. The hotel was lost once again, but thankfully, no one was killed – no guests anyway. Rumor has it that staff members who were working on the boiler in the basement died in the blaze. There ghosts are still said to be haunting the hotel, banging on the pipes in the walls.

Once again, the owners were determined to rebuild and the Elms opened once more in 1912.
Business at the hotel boomed during the Prohibition era, since it earned a reputation as a very popular speakeasy, serving alcohol during a time when it was illegal across the country. The Elms attracted all sorts of guests during this time, from average folks to the cream of Kansas City society. One of the guests from this era has never checked out of the hotel. He is reportedly a ghost that haunts the European lap pool, killed during the violent Prohibition days. Gangsters often stored their booze and held parties in a blocked-off section of the hotel and this unlucky spirit was a man who crossed the wrong bootlegger and got a bullet for his trouble.

During the Depression, the hotel fell on hard times and closed down for a time. In the late 1930s, though, it was open again and thrived during the World War II, again both hosting famous guests and ordinary people who came to take in the legendary waters.
The late 1960s dealt a serious blow to the Elms when the U.S. government ruled that mineral water treatments could no longer be covered by insurance. People largely stopped coming to town and most of the local water sources were capped. Other hotels in town were closed, boarded up and abandoned – but not the Elms. While much of Excelsior Springs was closed down, the old hotel has managed to endure, fully restored to its former glory and still hosting hundreds of guests every year.

And many of those guests simply never leave.  Who haunts the Elms? Staff members from the past, former guests, or both? You'll have the chance to find out for yourself during our haunted weekend in Excelsior Springs!