Night at the Old Funeral Home:
Jacksonville, Illinois -- January 10, 2015
Join us at the Jacksonville Theatre Guild this Halloween Night!
Night at the Old Funeral Home
Jacksonville Theatre Guild
210 West College Avenue - Jacksonville, Illinois
January 10, 2015 -- 7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
Join American Hauntings for a "Dead of Winter" ghost hunt!

Join American Hauntings and host Loren Hamilton for an exclusive ghost hunt at the former Williamson Funeral Home, now home to the Jacksonville Theatre Guild. The building appeared in Jacksonville history as a doctor's office for a number of years. It served as a private home for years until it became the Proffit Boarding House in the 1920s. For 55 years, it then served as the Williamson Funeral Home, where thousands of people were prepared for death and where mourning families may have left remnants of their grief behind. In 1999, the Jacksonville Theatre Guild took over the buildings and not long after, reports of a haunting began to surface. Who are the ghosts who linger here? No one can say if they are the spirits of those who made their last earthly appearance here in the viewing rooms of the funeral home, grieving family members who refused to let go, or perhaps even the spirits of performers long past, still hoping to put on a show! Strange happenings have included ghostly voices, slamming doors, moving objects and even a woman in white, wearing a dress a past era!

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Join us for this chilling night and we'll search into the early morning hours looking for the building's reported ghosts and learn more about it's haunted history. Is the former funeral home really as haunted as some people claim? You'll have the chance to find out on January 10 when we give a limited number of ghost hunters the chance to possibly meet some of the former occupants of the old house face-to-face! This unusual overnight event is not for the faint of heart and flashlights are required! A Night at the Old Funeral Home Includes:
* Late-night Access to the Building
* Private Ghost Hunt with American Hauntings Guides
* History & Hauntings of the Building

* Bring Your Own Snacks & Drinks
* Bring Your Own Ghost Hunting Equipment
* Flashlights Required
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