Night at the Hockenhull Building
May 13, 2016 -- Jacksonville, Illinois
Join A Friday the 13th Ghost Hunt at One of the Most Haunted Buildings in Town!
Nights at the Hockenhull Building
206 East State Street | Right off the Downtown Square
Downtown Jacksonville, Illinois
May 13, 2015 -- 8:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.
Must be 18 or over to attend!

Join American Hauntings for a haunted night at not just one, but two of the eerie Hockenhull Buildings in downtown Jacksonville! Robert and John Hockenhull came to Jacksonville from England in 1839, opening a small drug store near this location, then moved into the current spot in 1891. In the 1950s, Walgreens opened a drugstore in the downstairs of the Hockenhull building and the top two floors were converted into apartments. Just around the corner (and connected to the first site by a walkway that has now been re-opened) was a second Hockenhull store, which dealt in farm implements and tools during the early days of downtown. The second building has seen many uses over the years but has been abandoned for some time. In years past, we have only been able to gain access to one of the buildings but this spring, we'll be able to take you inside of both! Join us at one of the most haunted buildings in Jacksonville and experience the ghosts for yourself!
$40 Per Person | Click Here to Join us for this Eerie Ghost Hunt!
Deadly History of the Hockenhull Buildings:

On January 15, 1966 a fire broke out on the 2nd floor of the Hockenhull Building that faces west on the Jacksonville Square. With the fire codes not being what they are today, seven residents lost their lives on that cold winter night. Since that time, the building has had a reputation for being haunted, with people reporting voices, cries, dark shapes and shadowy apparitions and several strange occurrences took place during stops at the building on our tour. Return with us to this spooky spot and take part in a real-life ghost hunt as we seek out the spirits that linger in the Hockenhull building!

Next door (and around the corner) from the main building, stands the second Hockenhull Building, a former hardware store that has also seen its share of death. A 16-year old boy died in this building and Robert Wright hanged himself on the third floor. Do their ghost still linger as well? A fire closed off the walkway between the two buildings in the 1970s, but it's now re-opened -- as is the third floor of the main Hockenhull, which has been closed for years. Experience the ghosts and macabre history of these two buildings as the doors to the Hockenhull buildings are exclusively opened to American Hauntings once more!
Information about the Hockenhull Building Ghost Hunt:

* All Attendees must be 18 & Over and a Waiver must be signed on the night of the event

* Not recommended for pregnant women and no open-toed shoes will be allowed

* Flashlight required -- ghost hunting equipment, cameras, etc. are recommended

* Event begins at 8:00 p.m. and lasts until 2:00 a.m.

* Includes private, exclusive access to the building!