After-Hours for the Dead of Winter Festival
Night at the Lincoln Theater

Decatur, Illinois: February 6, 2016
Join us for an Overnight Ghost Hunt at One of the Most Haunted Places in America!

Haunted Lincoln Theater Overnight Investigation
February 6,  2016 from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM
141 North Main Street / Decatur, Illinois

 Join us for an Exclusive Overnight Investigation on Saturday, February 6 (After Hours for the Dead of Winter Festival) at one of the most haunted places in downstate Illinois --- and America. Come along for another intense investigation of this supernaturally charged theater! We’ll spend the night looking for the theater’s ghosts and we’ll also include a history and tour of the theater as well. Is it really as haunted as many claim? Find out for yourself during what may be one of the scariest nights of your life! This is an authentic investigation of the Lincoln Theater, offered by those who really know the history & hauntings of this legendary site!
 After Hours Ghost Hunt Only: $40 Per person

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Note: This will be a serious and intensive investigation. We will not allow smoking, any unnecessary talking or loud behavior or frequent exits from the theater. Doors will remain locked except during specified breaks. Anyone who cannot follow these protocols will be asked to leave the theater. No exceptions!

Ghost Hunt Includes:
*After Hours Access to the Theater
* History & Hauntings of the Lincoln presented by American Hauntings
* Paranormal Investigation access to the entire theater with a limited number of attendees

Experience the Lincoln Theater, as seen on the Travel Channel as "One of America's Most Terrifying Places"!

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