Spend the Night at this Haunted Mansion & Experience Spirits of the Civil War!
Night at Magnolia Manor
May 3, 2014 -- 6:00 PM  to 10:00 AM (May 4)
418 North Main Street / Bolivar, Tennessee

Join American Hauntings and American Ghost Society Rep Shelly Beard for a night of history and hauntings at Magnolia Manor, a graceful Civil War-era home in the historic town of Bolivar, Tennessee. Built in 1849, the mansion experienced the Civil War first hand and was a Union headquarters where the infamous Battle of Shiloh was planned! Thanks to this, the house has witnessed a tapestry of tragedy and death, as well as the blood and violence of the war.  You'll spend the entire night soaking up the rich history and spooky ambience of the house and then search for the spirits that are rumored to be lingering within the building's stone walls.

Note: This is a Ghost Hunt, NOT a Sleepover. There are no rooms for sleeping but there are hotels in the area if you decide to leave early. Thanks!
 Is Magnolia Manor as haunted as so many claim? You'll have the chance to find out on May 3 as American Hauntings takes you on a private excursion into the Manor's past in search of ghosts!
$85 Per Person (Includes All-Night Hunt & Breakfast on May 4)

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General William T. Sherman
Magnolia Manor History:

Magnolia Manor was built by Judge Austin Miller, a prominent attorney, in 1849. The classic Georgian Colonial was made by hand, constructed from bricks that were made by slaves on the property. It was used a headquarters for the Union Army during the Civil War and Generals Grant, Sherman, Logan and McPherson used the house while planning the Battle of Shiloh.

Three generations of the Miller family lived in the house until the 1970s. Charles Austin Miller, son of Judge Miller, followed in his father's footsteps to become an attorney and later, Secretary of the State of Tennessee. One of his daughters, Lizzie Lea Miller, was elected as a State Representative and was the first women in the history of Tennessee to hold this type of high political office. The house has since been owned by two other families and has been operated as a bed and breakfast by owner Elaine Cox since 1985.

Over the years, guests and visitors to Magnolia Manor have reported many strange and ghostly happenings at the house, including apparitions, phantom footsteps; objects that move around on their own; strange knocking sounds; and more! Past investigations in the building have collected photos, EVPs and first-hand accounts of the hauntings --- but why take the word of other ghost hunters when you can find out what's happening here for yourself??

General Ulysses S. Grant
Join us as we spend the night at Magnolia Manor in Bolivar and search for the spirits that are said to be roaming this historic old mansion. Whether you come with a love of history or a desire to experience the ghosts, you won't go away disappointed!