Night at the Bell Nursing Home
Kimbolton, Ohio - July 31, 2015
Join us at the Former Nursing Home -- Where Residents of the Past Still Linger!

Night at the Bell Nursing Home
309 North Main Street
Kimbolton, Ohio
July 31, 2014 – 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Are you brave enough to spend the night at a place that is rapidly becoming known as one of the most haunted places in Ohio?

Join American Hauntings and Rep Loren Hamilton as we explore the haunted confines of the old Bell Nursing Home in Kimbolton, Ohio! With a past history as a private residence, a funeral home and then a nursing home -- with a number of deaths connected to the place during each incarnation -- the old Bell Nursing Home has become known for the restless spirits that now roam the abandoned rooms, halls and corridors of the old building -- you have to decide if you're brave enough to join us for this overnight investigation!
It's not a location for the faint of heart!

$55 Per Person
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The building that became the Bell Nursing Home started out as the home of local Kimbolton merchant William Ledlie, a well-known and enterprising man who was responsible for a number of businesses in town during the middle nineteenth century. He lived in the home with his family until his sudden -- and mysterious -- death. The house was also used as a tannery for the time and in the 1940s, was converted into a funeral home. In the 1960s, a new owner converted it into a nursing home for elderly patients, but was so superstitious about the fact that it used to be a funeral home that he walled off the old embalming room. After his death, he left the property to his son, who passed away in 2006. The building was then abandoned for the next fives years.

The current owner purchased the property in 2011. Since it was located in the middle of deer country, on the outskirts of Salt Fork State Park, the plan for the place was to turn it into a hunting lodge or a bed and breakfast. The building had been empty since 2006 and much of the former nursing home had been left behind. The very large, L-shaped building (with over 14,000 square feet) held 18 patient rooms, a dining room, kitchen, lounge area, offices and a full basement. Much of the contents of the nursing home still remains today, including beds, clothing, medical devices and more. Working toward the plan of restoring the structure, the new owner, with friends and family, spent countless hours cleaning and repairing the place. They soon discovered that they were not in the building alone...

Doors began opening, closing and slamming on their own. Lights turned on and off in rooms with no one in there. The dividing curtains in the empty patient rooms slid open and closed. Patient call lights, located about the doors to the rooms, turned on by themselves. Footsteps were heard in hallways with no one in them. Occasionally, one of the pianos in the old dining room would play by itself. Voices were heard when no one was present. Two separate contractors who were hired to work in the building reported seeing lights turn on and off and saw figures moving in the corridors. The owner had been afraid to tell them of the strange happenings for fear that they might leave -- but they found out on their own!

The owner soon found out that the stories were not new. Many local people who had visited the place when it was open, or even who had family who were residents there, told stories of other ghostly happenings. There were also rumors of frequent deaths during the time the nursing home was in operation, stories of patients being mistreated and more. As time has passed, the weird events continue and the stories have no reached an audience beyond the town of Kimbolton.

Do you have what it takes to spend the night behind these walls?
Are you ready to spend the night searching for evidence of the ghosts that remain in the old nursing home -- a place where the dead do not rest in peace? Join American Hauntings at the old Bell Nursing Home for a night that you won’t soon forget!