Night at Old South Pittsburg Hospital
April 23, 2016: ALL-NIGHT GHOST HUNT 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM
South Pittsburg, Tennessee
Join American Hauntings at One of the Most Haunted Places in the South!
Night at Old South Pittsburg Hospital
April 23, 2016 | 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
1100 Holly Avenue, South Pittsburg, Tennessee

Are you brave enough to spend the entire night at the place that has become known as one of the most haunted spots in the American South?

Join American Hauntings as we explore the haunted confines of the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in Tennessee, which has been closed down since 1998. Known for the restless spirits that now roam the abandoned wards, halls, and corridors of the old building -- you have to decide if you're brave enough to join us for this overnight investigation! From the days of Native Americans to the bloody conflict of the Civil War and the sickness and death of the hospital that once operated here, this is not a place for the faint of heart!
$95 Per Person for this OVERNIGHT event!

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Located at the foothills of South Pittsburg Mountain is the crumbling remains of South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital (SPMH), a sixty-eight thousand square foot facility that once provided medical care for the people of the surrounding community. Opened in 1959 and closed down in 1998, now only the memories of yesterday, the ruins of the past, and the hauntings of today, remain in this eerie and forbidding place.

The history of the site dates back to the Native Americans who once lived and died on this land, followed by the bloody days of the Civil War, when brutal fighting occurred on the spot where the hospital would later stand. After the war, the town once known as "Pittsburg Landing" suffered from the hardships that followed in the wake of the conflict. In time, though, limestone quarries and the railroad offered new opportunities for the locals -- but the devastating memories of war, death, and destruction still haunted the site of the future hospital -- and those hauntings continue today.

Even during the days when the hospital was in operation, employees spoke of ghosts and bizarre activity. The eerie events of that era continue today, long after it closed down for good. It was not uncommon in the past (or present) for medicine carts, hospital beds, and wheelchairs to move about on their own. Dark, shadowy figures have long been seen, flickering down staircases or across hallways. Disembodied voices are frequently heard. When the sounds are investigated, they can be traced to no one who is still among the living.

Apparitions are repeatedly seen, including a man who haunts the third floor -- and has sent many investigators running for the door! A female spirit who was allegedly once a nurse at the hospital reportedly lingers in the basement. She has been known to touch the living, and whisper in their ear. The ghost of a young child often roams the hallways, simply wanting to play with those who venture into his lonely world. There is an old woman who dislikes the living, and another who cries for help, weeps, moans, and hisses out warnings to those who trespass in her former hospital room. A man who died from tuberculosis cries out for forgiveness. An old janitor wanders the corridors, the sound of his keys still jingling as he trudges back and forth for eternity. And there are more...

Searching for a place where you can truly experience the other side? Then, join us at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital, a place where the dead never seem to be too far from the living and where the reported encounters with the spirit world number into the hundreds ever year. If you're brave enough to come along with us, who know what you might experience yourself?