Night at the Roads Hotel
Atlanta, Indiana -- June 13, 2014 -- SOLD OUT!
Join at this Historic Haunted Hotel for A Private Search for the Resident Ghosts!
Night at the Roads Hotel
150 Main Street - Atlanta, Indiana
June 13, 2014 -- 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Join American Hauntings and Rep host Loren Hamilton for an chilling ghost hunt at one of Indiana's most historic -- and haunted -- hotels! Dating back to 1893, the hotel has seen more than its share of guests over the years, many of them dating back to the " gas boom years" of the early 1900s and including such infamous names as John Dillinger. The are many legends told of the ghosts who linger in this fine old establishment and in recent years, scores of ghost hunters have walked through the doors, hoping to experience the spirits in person. Many volumes of alleged evidence have been collected and many return again and again to discover the place for themselves! So, come along for our private outing to see if the place is really as haunted as so many claim!  

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A Brief History of the Roads Hotel

The historic Roads Hotel was built in the small town of Atlanta in 1893 by Abraham Kauffman. As short time later, it was purchased by Newton Roads for his wife, Clara, who ran the place with her son,  John Everett, her daughter, Hazel Dell, and two servants, Ida Cook and Minnie Summers. The business thrived with most of the business coming from the fact that the hotel became a layover for the railroad that passed through business district of  Atlanta, a town named for the city in Georgia where several local boys died during the Civil War.

Sadly, tragedy came early to the new hotel. John Everett was only four years old when he contracted whooping cough, an ailment that left him with lifelong asthma. He was a sickly and frail young man who contracted tuberculosis at age 19. In those days, proper treatment consisted of little more than rest and fresh air, so John Everett was confined to a room in the hotel that might ease his condition and isolate him from the family and guests. He died in his secluded hotel room on April 15, 1909.
Over the years, various members of the Roads family passed away in the hotel, each from old age and various ailments. The hotel changed owners a few times and then closed for business in 1927. But before it closed down, it earned an infamous reputation as a speakeasy and local brothel.

In the early 1900s, "boom times" came to Atlanta with the discovery of natural gas wells. The population of the town soared and local lore states that, with six taverns in town, the Roads Hotel became the natural location for a brothel. Local bootleggers kept the place supplied with beer and whiskey and legends have attached a number of names to the place over the years, from Al Capone to John Dillinger, although none of this has been historically verified. However, the use of the old hotel as a bordello is a poorly-kept secret in the small community. After the hotel closed, it became a private residence for many years and since then, has been opened back up as a hotel and research site for paranormal phenomena. A number of ghost hunters have visited the hotel in recent times and almost all of them tell tales of their ghostly experiences. A portion of all of the proceeds collected from tours and ghost hunts goes toward the ongoing preservation of the hotel. 
Join American Hauntings at this historic and haunted site and discover what other researchers have also found ---  reports of hearing conversations from people in the upper story, when no one is there. Doors that open and close and even slam when there were no people around them. Reports of footsteps and shadows and even glimpses of men, women, and children. The lights are turned on and off, even when the hotel is unoccupied... and more!
Take part in our PRIVATE overnight and do your part to help preserve this relic of the past!