Salem, Massachusetts
April 5-6, 2013

American Hauntings Weekend for 2013 is SOLD OUT!
Haunted Weekend in Salem
April 5-7, 2013 -- Friday thru Sunday
Salem, Massachusetts /Lodgings at the Hawthorne Hotel
18 Washington Square West in Salem

Join American Hauntings for our first journey to the New England town of Salem, Massachusetts -- famous for the 1692 -1693 Witch Trials and one of the most haunted small towns in America! Discover the history of the trials and the strange legacy of death, horror and hauntings that have been left behind on the cobblestone streets of the town. Join us for tour, a 2-night stay at the Hawthorne Hotel, ghost hunting, visits to the Salem Witch Museum, the House of Seven Gables, the cemetery where the victims of the witch trials were laid to rest, and much more! This will be out first visit to Salem and while we can never guarantee that anything supernatural will occur during the weekend, many have encountered strange happenings not only on the streets and in the homes of Salem, but in our hotel for the weekend as well!

$500 Couples Price / $450 Single Price
($100 Deposit Due Now / Remainder Due Before Trip)
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Weekend in Salem Includes:

* 2-Night Stay at the Hawthorne Hotel
* Salem Hauntings & History Tour
* House of Seven Gables Tour
* Salem Witch Museum Tour

Discover the History, Mystery and Hauntings of Salem's Past and discover how those events have created the hauntings still being experienced in Salem today!

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Located less then 20 miles north of Boston, the town of Salem has more than earned its place in American infamy. Best known for the witch trials of 1692-1693, this hysteria led to the deaths of 20 innocent men and women (19 were hanged and the last, an elderly man named Giles Corey, was pressed to death with stones). The Salem Witch Hysteria played itself out over the course of just one year but three centuries later, people are still intrigued by the dark secrets and mysterious past of a town that, while enchanting, is still rumored to be cursed by the strange happenings of the past.

Although given the nickname "Witch City," the tales of witchcraft trials, weird events and mass hysteria barely scratch the surface of the supernatural elements that Salem has to offer. Even so, it's hard to deny the fact that the witches of Salem -- true witches or not -- were the beginning for the hauntings that now plague the town.

Lodging for the Weekend will be at the Haunted Hawthorne Hotel, said to be home to a number of ghosts, including a spectral woman who haunts the 6th floor!
Numerous ghost stories have circulated over the years, many of them emanating from the deaths of the accused during the witchcraft trials, including the Curse of Giles Corey. Other local ghost stories tell of legends of pirates, phantoms of former slaves, the lingering spirit of local author Nathaniel Hawthorne, hauntings of the famous House of Seven Gables, specters of the Old Burying Point Cemetery -- and of course, the ghosts of the Hawthorne Hotel, our lodging for the weekend!

Join us in Salem and experience the New England spirit of this famous little town and see first-hand the history and hauntings that have been part of America's supernatural lore for more than 300 years! It's a weekend excursion that you don't want to miss and it's going to fill up fast, so don't wait too long!
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