The Haunted Rectory, Cincinnati,OH
Night at the Sedamsville Rectory
639 Stiner Street
Sedamsville (Cincinnati), Ohio
June 6, 2015 -- 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Join American Hauntings and rep Loren Hamilton for a chilling overnight ghost hunt at one of Ohio's most actively haunted spots -- the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Rectory! Spend the night looking for the ghosts of this historic and haunted -- place with a limited number of ghost hunters during a private ghost hunt at the location! Are you brave enough to spend the night inside these haunted walls?
Come along with American Hauntings for this unique and unusual location -- the Sedamsville Rectory in Ohio. This authentic and historic haunted location offers you the chance to spend the night looking for the  the rectory's reported ghosts and learn more about it's rich history in the Cincinnati area.  Is the rectory really as haunted as some people claim? You'll have the chance to find out on June 6 when we give a limited number of ghost hunters the chance to possibly meet some of the former occupants of the old mansion face-to-face!
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The Rectory was built over 130 years ago and is listed on the National Historic Register. Although no longer in use by any church, renovations are being done to try and restore it back to its original condition. The sprawling mansion offers many nooks and crannies for ghost hunters and stands four levels high.
A Night at the Haunted 
Sedamsville Rectory Includes:

* Late Night Access to the Rectory Building
* Private Ghost Hunt with American Hauntings Guides
* History & Hauntings of the Building

* Bring Your Own Snacks & Drinks
* Bring Your Own Ghost Hunting Equipment
* Flashlights Required

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Father Donald Macleod

Many believe that spirits linger in the building. A number of volunteers have been working on painting and restoring the inside of the Rectory. Several have left and promised not to return. Some have seen dark shadows or mist, while others report seeing movement under the doorway when only two people are working at the time.

The Rectory has had its share of deaths. One man was found dead on the street in front of the Rectory and it was also discovered that, years ago, a child was found dead in front of it with a noose around the child's neck. Father Donald MacLeod, author of The History of Roman Catholicism in North America, was struck by a train and killed in Sedamsville near this location in the late 1800's.  He was on his way to provide comfort and sermon to a seriously ill woman when he was hit by an oncoming train on the Indianapolis and Cincinnati Railroad and killed instantly.
For years following his tragic death, parishioners and people in the community spoke of seeing his ghostly image, often walking down at the foot of Steiner Street where the Rectory is located, down by the tracks where he was struck by the train. Visitors to the Rectory have reported hearing footsteps, voices, doors opening and closing, and often times a figure of a man dressed in a dark clergy robe walking from one room to the next. Many believe his spirit still haunts Sedamsville to this day.

Find out if the Sedamsville Rectory is really as haunted as so many people claim and perhaps come face to face with one of the former residents of the house! The evening will include historic background of the Rectory, followed by an all-night ghost hunt at a place that has been called one of the most haunted in the Cincinnati area. The Sedamsville Rectory ghost hunt begins at 8:00 p.m. on June 6 and continues until 2:00 a.m!
$60 per Person for this PRIVATE American Hauntings Event!