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7:00 PM - 2:00 am

April 13: SOLD OUT!

One more 2019 date coming this fall!

Join American Hauntings as we return to one of the most terrifying locations we have EVER investigated – the former farm of serial killer Herb Baumeister, who claimed an unknown number of victims and left the remains of at least eleven of them behind at this location! What spirits linger here? You’ll have the chance to find out during what could be the most frightening night of your life!

Fox Hollow’s Farm’s infamous reputation was earned in the 1990s, when it was owned by Baumeister, an Indianapolis businessman who committed suicide while being investigated for the murders of at least 11 young men. Baumeister grew up in the area and was diagnosed with mental illness when he was young. As an adult, he drifted through a series of jobs, and while he was a hard worker, his behavior became more and more bizarre. Baumeister was married in 1971, and had three children, but was later committed to a mental hospital by his father. In spite of this, he later founded two Indianapolis Sav-A-Lot thrift stores in 1988. The stores were very successful and the family lived a lavish lifestyle, including the purchase of Fox Hollow Farm with its large house, and indoor pool.    

Baumeister became a suspect in the disappearances of a number of gay men in the Indianapolis area after a bar patron named “Brian Smart” reported that he had killed a friend of his and had attempted to kill him, too. Smart claimed that he had been taken to a large house in the dark and had engaged in rough sex next to an indoor pool where mannequins had been set up to watch. He passed out during the sex and later felt lucky to have escaped with his life. Smart would not learn his assailant’s name until 1995, but he quickly contacted the police. Investigators went to Fox Hollow Farm and attempted to search it, but Baumeister turned them away since they had no warrant. In 1996, though, his wife, Julie, who had become frightened by her husband’s strange behavior, consented to the search. The police arrived when Baumeister was out of town and discovered the remains of eleven men, eight of whom were identified. Baumeister escaped to Canada and committed suicide before he could be apprehended. 

More recently, Fox Hollow Farm was purchased by the Graves family, who found even more remains on the farm. They also found out that the place was haunted. They reported seeing apparitions and hearing strange knocks, voices, and footsteps in the house. Guests who have attended past investigations at the farm have had their own experiences at this unnerving place, which remains actively haunted. 

Who haunts Fox Hollow Farm? Is it the serial killer, Herb Baumeister, or the unlucky victims who lost their lives and were buried on the property? This is your chance to find out -- if you're brave enough to venture out to this Indiana location with American Hauntings!