Join Author Troy Taylor & the Staff of American Hauntings for Ghost Hunts, Investigations & Overnight Events at some of the Most Haunted Places in the Midwest, and Across America. Our company was founded in 1994, making us the ORIGINAL company offering overnight ghost tours and hunts in the country! Scores of imitators have followed us over the years, but the original is still the best! Our events are not overcrowded “meet & greets” with so-called “paranormal celebrities” but authentic excursions that give you the chance to experience the unexplained! Each location features the haunted history of the place, followed by a brief tour of the surroundings, followed by a night of individual or team investigating. We always offer time for our guests to privately investigate the location, so join us and explore the unknown!

Ghost Hunts, Overnights and Haunted Weekends

July 29: Night at Edinburgh Manor
Monticello, Iowa
Known as one of the most haunted places in the state, dare to spend the night behind the walls of his former asylum for the poor and insane!

July 30: Night at the Farrar Schoolhouse
Maxwell, Iowa
After a long absence, we return to the spooky corridors and classrooms of this former school, where spirits of the past still linger!

August 19: Night at Fort Duffield
West Point, Kentucky
Search for the lingering spirits of the Civil War at this restored earthen fort and discover how the history of yesterday still lingers behind at this eerie spot!

August 20: Night at Morrison Lodge
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Return with us to this old Masonic Lodge with ties to the Civil War — and a ghostly past!

September 2-3: Haunted Memphis Weekend Package
Memphis, Tennessee
Special Package includes Haunted Pub Crawl on Friday night and private ghost hunt at the eerie Woodruff-Fontaine Mansion on Saturday. Limited Spots for both!

September 3: Night at the Woodruff-Fontaine Mansion
Memphis, Tennessee
Join American Hauntings for a private ghost hunt at the historic — and haunted — Woodruff- Fontaine Mansion, one of the most haunted places in Memphis! This is for the Saturday ghost hunt only!

September 9: Night at Hannah House
Indianapolis, Indiana
American Hauntings returns to one of America’s most haunted houses to spend the night searching for the ghosts that remain from the days of the Underground Railroad!

September 10: Night at Glore Psychiatric Museum
St. Joseph, Missouri
American Hauntings returns to one of our creepiest locations as we spend the night searching for the spirits that linger at Missouri’s former State Insane Asylum #2!

September 23: Night at the Beardstown Opera House
Beardstown, Illinois
Join American Hauntings as we go in search of the ghosts of the past at this eerie old opera house in downstate Illinois!

October 8: Night at the Original Springs Hotel
American Hauntings returns for another eerie night at this spooky hotel — known for its healing waters and ghosts! Includes overnight lodging, dinner for two, history tour and ghost hunt!

October 14: Night at the Baker Mansion
Carrollton, Illinois
Come along with American Hauntings as we return to one of our favorite Central Illinois haunts! Discover the rich history of this old house and uncover evidence of spirits from the past!

October 15: Night at the Eldred House
Eldred / Carrollton, Illinois
Join American Hauntings as we return to one of the most haunted houses in Illinois and experience the lingering ghosts of the past! Support haunted history!

October 21: Night at the Old Hartford City Speakeasy
Hartford City, Indiana
Join American Hauntings as we explore the lingering memories of mobsters and the Prohibition era at this haunted former speakeasy!

October 22: Night at the Old Hartford City Jail
Hartford City, Indiana
Are you brave enough to join American Hauntings we search for the lingering spirits at this old Indiana jail?

October 28: Night at the Eldred House
Eldred / Carrollton, Illinois
Join American Hauntings as we return to one of the most haunted houses in Illinois and experience the lingering ghosts of the past! Support haunted history!

October 29: Night at Ashmore Estates
Ashmore, Illinois
Join American Hauntings as we return to one of downstate Illinois’ creepiest spots — Ashmore Estates, the site of the former Coles County Poor Farm and later, an asylum. What spirits still linger here — and are you brave enough to face them?

November 5: Night at Nemacolin Castle
Brownsville, Pennsylvania
Join American Hauntings as we return to spooky Nemacolin Castle in Pennsylvania! This is your chance to explore the haunted three-story castle and find out if it’s really as haunted as so many people claim!

November 12: Night at Pollak Hospital 
Grounds of the Former Peoria State Asylum
Bartonville, Illinois
Return with us as we seek out the spirits of the former tuberculosis sanatorium that was on the grounds of the Peoria State Asylum. How many former patients still linger here?

November 12: Night at Whispers Estate
Mitchell, Indiana
After a long wait, American Hauntings is finally returning to one of the most haunted houses in Indiana! We are taking along a VERY limited number of ghost hunts, so don’t wait too long to get signed up!

New Events are Added on a Regular Basis


How many people are allowed to go on the events?
Since every location is different, we don’t have a set number for all of the different ghost hunts and overnights. However, we do limit the number of people by the size of the location, number of staff, etc. so we have a very good idea about how many people each location can handle. We have been doing this since 1994, so we have a lot of experience with how it all works. Keep in mind that these are not the overcrowded “celebrity meet and greets” that imitation companies are usually offering. We try to put together an authentic event for our guests, giving them a real chance to experience and investigate the haunted locations that we offer. Many locations do have group activities that guests can take part in, but we always offer plenty of private time for you to investigate on your own.

Do I have to make reservations online?
YES… and we require it for a couple of reasons: First, our tours sell out in advance and since we are not always in the office, you may miss out on an event that you wanted to attend since all of the spots are filled on a first come / first served basis. Second, we have confirmation forms that need to be emailed to you, so registering online saves time for you and for us.

Do you offer transportation to the events?
Sorry, but no, there is no way we can do this. People come for our events, ghost hunts, and overnights from literally all over the country. There is no way that we could possibly pick them and bring them to the events. And if we did offer transportation, we’d have to charge a lot more for the events and we prefer to keep them as affordable as possible.

Can I get my money back if I decide not to go?
When making a reservation, we always state in the confirmation that all reservations are non-refundable. Once your purchase your spots, it’s just like any other kind of event, concert, etc. They are your spots and if you decide not to use them, we are unable to re-sell them. Once you commit to buy, payments are made by us to various locations that we cannot get back. You are welcome to sell or give the reservations to someone else but we do not buy them back. If you do transfer your reservations to another person, just please let us know so that we can update the guest list.