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 Join Author Troy Taylor & the Staff of American hauntings for Ghost Hunts, Investigations & Overnight Events at some of the Most Haunted Places in Illinois & America. Our company was founded in 1994, making us the ORIGINAL company offering overnight ghost tours and hunts in the country! Scores of imitators have followed us over the years, but the original is still the best! Our events are not overcrowded "meet & greets" with so-called "paranormal celebrities" but authentic excursions that give you the chance to experience the unexplained!
JULY 2015

July 10-12, 2015: Haunted Weekend in New Orleans

July 18, 2015: Night at Mansfield Reformatory

Dates for 2016 will be posted later on this summer!

July 18: Night at the Morgan County Courthouse
Jacksonville, Illinois

July 31-August 2, 2015: Bell Witch Experience Weekend
Return to Bell Witch Country in Tennessee with author Troy Taylor for our canoe river adventure and / or history & hauntings weekend! Click Here for Details!

July 31: Night at the Old Bell Nursing Home
Kimbolton, Ohio
Return with us to this eerie old nursing home, where residents of the past still linger, and discover one of the most haunted places in the state!
Click Here for Details!

August 1: Night at the West Virginia Penitentiary
Moundsville, West Virginia
Join American Hauntings for a private night at one of the most haunted prisons in America -- a place of brutal violence, torture, murder and death -- where inmates over decades past still linger behind. Are you brave enough to join us? Click Here for Details!

August 15: Night at the "Watseka Wonder" House
Watseka, Illinois

Discover the lingering spirits of the Roff Home, the center of the "Watseka Wonder" story!
Click Here for Details!

August 15: Night at the Macoupin County Courthouse
Carlinville, Illinois

Join us for a special ghost hunt to celebrate the kick-off of the new "Haunted Carlinville" Tours!
Click Here for Details!

September 5: Night at the First Ward School House
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Return with us to one of the most haunted places in the state and search for the spirits of the students who still linger in this former old school!
Click Here for Details!

September 11: Night at the Wolf Hotel
Ellinwood, Kansas

Join American Hauntings at this historic -- and haunted -- hotel for an overnight stay and/or ghost hunt at this eerie old place!
Click Here for Details!

September 12: Night at Revenant Acres Farm
Charlottesville, Indiana

Join American Hauntings -- and a very limited number of ghost hunters -- at this rustic and haunted farm in a search for the spirits! Brave enough?
Click Here for Details!

September 12: Night at the Glore Psychiatric Museum
St. Joseph, Missouri

Join us at this former asylum hospital turned eerie museum as we search for the lingering spirits!
Click Here for Details!

September 12: Night at Rolling Hills Asylum
E. Bethany, New York

Discover the haunts of one of America's spookiest places!
Click Here for Details!

September 26: Night at the Woodruff-Fontaine Mansion
Memphis, Tennessee
Join American Hauntings as we return to this legendary haunted mansion for another night in search of the resident spirits!
Click Here for Details!

November 6-8, 2015: Haunted Weekend in Tombstone & Bisbee, Arizona
Join American Hauntings as we return for another haunted weekend in the Wild West and search for the ghosts that linger in two mining communities that were just "too tough to die!" Click Here for details!

How many people are allowed to go on the events?
Since every location is different, we don't have a set number for all of the different ghost hunts and overnights. However, we do limit the number of people by the size of the location, number of staff, etc. so we have a very good idea about how many people each location can handle. We have been doing this since 1994, so we have a lot of experience with how it all works.
Do I have to make reservations online?
YES... and we require it for a couple of reasons: First, our tours sell out in advance and since we are not always in the office, you may miss out on an event that you wanted to attend since all of the spots are filled on a first come / first served basis. Second, we have confirmation forms that need to be email to you, so registering online saves time for you and for us. You can make secure online reservations by clicking here
Do you offer transportation to the events?
Sorry, but no, there is no way we can do this. People come for our events, ghost hunts and overnights from literally all over the country. There is no way that we could possibly pick them and bring them to the events. And if we did offer transportation, we'd have to charge a lot more for the events and we prefer to keep them as affordable as possible.
Can I get my money back if I decide not to go? As stated on the reservations form, all reservations are non-refundable. Once your purchase your spots, it's just like any other kind of event, concert, etc. They are your spots and if you decide not to use them, we are unable to re-sell them. Once you commit to buy, payments are made by us to various locations that we cannot get back. You are welcome to sell or give the reservations to someone else but we do not buy them back.
Reservations for the American Hauntings Tours
All Reservations for our Ghost Hunts, Overnights & Haunted Weekends can be made online: Click Here for Reservations!

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