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Are you brave enough to join American Hauntings at one of the most sinister haunted places in America? We’re going inside the chilling confines of Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Kentucky, a place so horrifyingly haunted that investigators have been attacked, scratched, beaten, and so frightened they have run screaming for the door. Is it merely ghosts? Or are the stories true – is it really a “portal to hell?” This is your chance to find out! Yes, we know that it’s a Sunday night, but since the bar is open on Friday and Saturday nights for live music, this is our night to have the place to ourselves – with no one to help us.

The story of Bobby Mackey’s and the gateway to Hell pre-dates the dive bar that is now located on the property. Back in the 1850s, the location was used as a slaughterhouse. During that time, a deep well in what is now the basement was used as a charnel pit for workers to discard the guts and bones of the slaughtered animals. The packing company closed in the 1890s and was abandoned for years. The legends of the place claimed that occult rituals were held on the property and the basement pit was used during the rituals as a place to discard the remains of sacrificial victims. Truth or fiction? No one knows for sure, but such tales have certainly added to the spooky atmosphere of the place. 

In 1896, the headless body of a young woman named Pearl Bryan was found in an orchard near the old slaughterhouse. It was later discovered that Pearl was pregnant at the time of her death and that her lover and his friend had accidentally killed her during a botched abortion. Her head had been removed to muddy the waters of the investigation and make it appear that she had been killed by someone unknown to her. Pearl’s head was never found. 

The building remained abandoned until the 1920s, when it became a speakeasy during Prohibition. It saw more than its share of violence during this time, which may explain some of the paranormal activity that now plagues the place. In 1950, the building became a club known as the Latin Quarter. A singer who worked there named Johanna Jewel became pregnant by a fellow performer, Robert Randall. When Johanna’s father found out, he became enraged and forced Johanna to kill her lover. She did what he asked and poisoned Randall, then took a dose of poison herself. She died in the basement of the club, right next to the old well. 

Bobby Mackey opened his club in 1978. Since then, employees and customers have reported strange and very frightening experiences with the spirits that linger in the place. Lights turn on and off, equipment behaves bizarrely, objects are thrown, and apparitions are frequently seen. On a number of occasions, staff members, customers, and investigators claim to have been attacked by unseen hands. People have been struck and scratched and have been so unnerved, they have fled the building. The attacks became so bad that the owners were forced to post a sign in the bar that reads:

“Warning to our patrons: This establishment is purported to be haunted. Management is not responsible and cannot be held responsible and cannot be held liable for any actions of ghosts / spirits on the premises.”

Do you have what it takes to search for the spirits of Bobby Mackey’s Music World? Will you join us as we delve into the dark secrets of this legendary spot? Is the truth of the place stranger than the fiction that surrounds some of the wilder tales? You can find out for yourself – if you have the nerve!