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You may have heard the stories, or may have seen it on TV, but there is not much that can prepare you for the disturbing confines of Iowa’s Malvern Manor – a place said to be so haunted that paranormal investigators have fled the building and refused to return! Join American Hauntings inside the walls of this terrifying place that is not for the faint of heart!

Built in the late nineteenth century, Malvern Manor was a small-town, family-owned hotel that provided a soft bed and a warm meal for just $2 a night. Thanks to his location near the railroad station, the hotel enjoyed great success for more than two decades. With the rise in popularity of automobiles, though, the place fell on hard times and forced to close its doors. In time, it was converted into a convalescent home, housing patients being treated for everything from alcoholism to schizophrenia. The owners barely eked out a living and care for the patients was neglectful, at best. Horror stories circulated about abuse and mistreatment during the years when Malvern Manor was in operation.

And it’s believed that that abuse is the reason why the place has become so haunted.

Over the years, paranormal events have become common at Malvern Manor. Visitors have reported hearing voices and footsteps, seeing objects move, lights flicker, and have been touched, pushed, and pinched while prowling the dark corridors.

There are many spirits here but perhaps the most famous is that of a woman simply known as Grace, who spent her life at the facility. Grace was one of the more disturbed patients at Malvern Manor, suffering from mental illness and multiple personalities. One some evenings, staff members would hear a man’s voice calling out in Grace’s room. “The Devil’s coming to get me,” it cried, over and over in a rough, gravelly voice. When they entered the room, they discovered the man’s voice was coming from Grace. It was just one of her personalities. Today, Grace’s room is one of the most haunted spots in the building, providing almost nightly paranormal activity. Many believe that Grace’s many personalities still manifest in the room, thanks to the fact that so many investigators have recorded disturbing EVP’s of multiple voices behind its door.

Another active area at Malvern Manor is a room that once belonged to a young woman who was committed to the facility by her husband. She apparently had become obsessed with the idea that he no longer found her attractive. Her obsession led to madness. He sent her to the hospital, but no treatment could help her. Staff members often found her standing in front of a mirror in her room, slowly pulling out her hair in chunks. To this day, some still see her, still in front of that mirror, pulling out her hair with a devastated expression on her face.

Perhaps the most chilling haunting that lingers at Malvern Manor is a dark, inhuman manifestation that is made up of the bundled energy left behind by the hundreds of disturbed patients who were locked behind its walls over the decades. This malevolent energy – fed by the years of abuse and mistreatment – has been physically seen by some investigators but more commonly, its been experienced as an overbearing presence, often in the rooms below the attic. It was in those rooms that a patient was physically and sexually assaulted by another inmate for several years before the staff discovered what was going on. Likely thanks to this, the area is the center of the building’s darkest activity.

The extreme energy that manifests in this place is what has drawn television shows like “Paranormal Lockdown” to the location and what has spawned a book by investigator and author, Richard Estep.

Brave enough to find out if all the stories are true? If you have the courage to go behind these walls, then make your reservation now to join us at Malvern Manor – if you dare.