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7:00 PM - 2:00 aM


Are you brave enough to dare spend the night in the place dubbed the “Demon House” on “Paranormal Lockdown?” You have the chance to find out!

Join American Hauntings as we take you behind the locked doors of Monroe House in Hartford City, Indiana – a place so haunted that many paranormal investigators have fled the house, never to return! If you think you’ve got the courage to join us, get signed up now because this may be one of the most terrifying nights of your life!

The history of Monroe House is murky, at best. Records say that the first foundation was laid for the house in the 1860s, while legends maintain that the house has had a bad atmosphere to it since the beginning. Occupants were chased from the house by strange sights and sounds and shadowy figures that made their lives unbearable. Truth or fiction? No one surviving can say, but records do say that no one lived in the house for more than a year at a time during its first century in existence. In the 1990s, rumors spread of occult activity in the house, which some believe caused an increase in strange activity. 

But whatever the reason behind the hauntings, there is one thing that nearly all of those who have investigated the building can agree on – there are some serious disturbances in the basement. In 2016, at the time of the “Paranormal Lockdown” episode, human remains were discovered in the basement crawlspace, launching an official police investigation. According to a local funeral home director, the remains were “at least 100 years old,” but they were sent away to an Indiana university for further testing. At this point, identity of the person who entombed in the “Demon House” basement remain unknown. Could they explain the frightening activity that has been experienced in the basement?

Many believe so, while others don’t really care – they aren’t going back into the house! In 2014, a team of ghost hunters fled the house after a horrific experience in the basement that they refuse to talk about. Everyone in the group panicked and ran out of the house, refusing to go back inside. Other groups have recording eerie voices in the basement, while others maintain the rest of the house is just as haunted – and just as terrifying.

Do you have the courage to join us as we take you inside of the infamous “Demon House?” Will you be one of those who remain inside the house with the resident spirits, or will you be one of the people who flees the house and will never return? It’s your chance to find out – VERY limited spaces are available for this chilling night!