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7:00 PM - 2:00 AM
$72 per person


Are you brave enough to join American Hauntings at one of the most haunted places in Indiana? We’re going inside the chilling confines of the old Randolph County Infirmary in Winchester, a place so haunted that investigators have become so frightened that they’ve fled the building, leaving all their equipment behind! You’ve seen the place on television shows and in first-hand accounts, but now you can experience it for yourself as we return to this chilling spot!

The Randolph County Infirmary was built in 1899 to serve the poor and indigent of the region, and it was not alone. During the first half of the twentieth century, the poor farm – or asylum or infirmary, as they were often called – were a fixture in every county in the state. They offered shelter to those unable to provide for themselves. Residents included the mentally and physically disabled, those with mental illnesses, unwed mothers, the aged, and orphaned children, along with whole families too poor to live independently. The county home was the original homeless shelter, foster home, mental institution, and rehabilitation facility. They were owned and managed by each county, which usually built a large brick structure to serve the purpose. With the arrival of the Great Depression in the 1930s, the federal government stepped in and began to fill the needs once met by the county homes. The asylums soon emptied, became neglected, and many were destroyed. 

The site where the infirmary outside Winchester still stands has a history that dates back to before the building was constructed. In the 1800s, it belonged to a local farmer, who often house people who were unable to live alone in exchange for money from the state. In 1851, an infirmary was built on the grounds but burned to the ground two years later. A second followed, but was closed down because living conditions were so unsanitary. Finally, in 1899, the stately building that exists today was opened, housing orphans, the destitute, the sick, and the insane. Unlike most of the county asylums, it did not close in the 1930s. It struggled for decades and when it did close down, five people were still living within its crumbling walls.

Death frequently came calling during the infirmary’s years of operations. A cemetery is located on the site – which contains at least 50 unmarked graves – and records give an accounting of deaths from tuberculosis, accidents, old age, and suicide. How many of them still linger behind? This is your chance to find out!

Join us and discover the haunted history of one of Indiana’s most spirited sites. Over the last several years, this forbidding location has become known for not only its sad history, but for the many supernatural encounters that have been reported by those who have dared walk the corridors and ventured into its many rooms. Brave enough to join American Hauntings for a night at this ghostly place? Make a reservation now, before it’s too late!