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You’ve seen it on TV. You may have even seen the movie that was made about it. But are you brave enough to dare spend the night in a house that many consider to be one of the most haunted in America? You have the chance to find out!

Join American Hauntings as we take you behind the locked doors of the infamous “Sallie House” in Atchison, Kansas – a place so haunted that many paranormal investigators have fled the house, never to return! If you think you’ve got the courage to join us, get signed up now because this may be one of the most terrifying nights of your life!

The history of so-called Sallie House is a little murky. The legend of the house dates back to 1906 when Dr. Charles Finney was awakened by a desperate mother in the middle of the night. Her child was gravely sick and asked him to come at once. After Dr. Finney examined the girl, he realized that her appendix needed to come out. He had no choice but to operate but he botched the operation, accidentally killing his patient.

The little girl, “Sallie,” died but she never left the house.

She has haunted the house ever since, wreaking havoc mostly on men who have entered the house, as some might recall from the famous episode of “Sightings” that aired in the mid-1990s.

The hauntings at the “Sallie House” first became public during the time when Tony and Debra Pickman lived in the house. The strange activity began in their newborn baby’s room. Dolls would be taken from a shelf and placed in a perfect circle on the floor. Neighbors often asked why they left the lights on in the nursery all night – after they had moved the baby to another room.

Tony was maliciously targeted by the spirit and was often scratched by unseen hands. The attacks escalated when the “Sightings” crew was at the house and they captured live video footage of him being scratched.

Was it the ghost of “Sallie” who attacked Tony? Probably not, since there is no actual record that the little girl existed – but there is SOMETHING in the house, as those who visit today can agree. In fact, most believe that are several spirits inhabiting the house. Tony reported seeing an apparition of a young girl in the kitchen and said that his attacker was a young woman. It’s believed that this may be Joanna Barnes, a relative of Dr. Finney, who lived next door to what is now the Sallie House. She spent many of her years in an insane asylum and it’s thought that she could be the ghost who is so intent on harming male visitors to the house.

But the eerie happenings don’t stop with random attacks and a few things that move around. Over the years, owners and visitors to the house have heard and recorded unexplained sounds and inexplicable voices, thumping sounds, knocks, raps, and the sounds of invisible furniture moving about. Lights turn on and off by themselves. Those who venture into the basement sat that bricks and rocks have been thrown at them by unseen hands. They have encountered cold spots, fires that spring up from nowhere, objects that move, pictures that turn upside down, mysterious smells, and more.

Do you have the courage to join us as we take you inside of the infamous Sallie House? Will you be one of those who remains inside the house with the resident spirits, or will you be one of the people who flees the house and will never return? It’s your chance to find out – VERY limited spaces are available for this chilling night!